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AI Posture Statement

Posture Statement on the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning

As a special focus STEM institution, Dakota State University is committed to using technology to enhance teaching and learning. We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a powerful tool for engagement and innovation in education, equipping students with the necessary skills to be successful in their careers and personal lives. Our students’ education is designed to reflect the mission of the university, which is to position them as lifelong learners, problem solvers, innovators, and leaders who are cyber-savvy.

As we explore the ways that AI tools can help students become better thinkers, creators, and writers, we also recognize that the use of AI in education raises important ethical, legal, and social issues. We are committed to addressing these issues in a responsible and thoughtful manner.
We believe that the use of AI in education should be guided by our institutional values through the following principles:

  • Distinguished and Effective Teaching: AI tools should be used to assist in the creation of original thought and the transfer of knowledge, not replace it. Faculty are empowered to teach students about AI within their disciplines.
  • Clear Communication: Faculty communicate to students when and how to use AI in their coursework to ensure learning outcomes are met and students are exceptionally prepared for their professions and a lifetime of learning.
  • Inclusion: All students should have the opportunity to learn about the effective use and considerations of AI in their disciplines.
  • Integrity: The use and development of AI should be subject to oversight, accountability, and transparency.
  • Quality: Learning outcomes and assessments are progressive to reflect the use of AI in pursuing academic excellence. Faculty thoughtfully adapt curriculum and teaching to ensure students learn AI and its possible applications.
  • Innovation: AI use and integration in the classroom is forward-thinking, recognizing the continual evolution of technology.
We are committed to working with our faculty, students, and staff to develop, implement, and refine responsible uses of AI in education. Leveraging AI exemplifies our distinguished cyber mission and our dedication to preparing students who are ready to confidently shape the future.