Photo Identification (ID) System

OFFICE OF RECORD: Student Services
ISSUED BY: Vice President/Dean for Student Affairs
APPROVED BY: Doug Knowlton 01-41-00

(Revised 9/20/05)



It is the policy of Dakota State University that all faculty, students and staff be provided with photo identification cards to facilitate utilization of campus services such as Library and Food Service and entrance to campus functions such as dances, athletic events and concerts. The Student Services Center is responsible for the maintenance and delivery of the I.D. System. The Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs prepares an annual budget for submission to the Business Office.


Photo ID's may be obtained from the Student Services Center, located in the Trojan Center, on Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Students -- ID photos are taken during the summer registration sessions. Resident students receive their ID card when checking into their residence hall and commuting students may pick up their ID cards at the Student Services Center. Those students who do not participate in the summer registration sessions or begin their enrollment in the spring semester may receive an ID at the Student Services Center at any time. There is a charge of $20 to replace lost ID cards.

Faculty/Staff - ID is obtained during the first month of employment from the Student Services Center. Initial $5 cost of the ID is charged to the employee's assigned department/college account as designated by the department manager/dean. There is a charge of $20, paid by the employee, to replace lost ID cards.

Unauthorized use of DSU identification cards will be referred to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action.

Last Updated: 1/24/12