Fund Raising From Private Sources

OFFICE OF RECORD: Development Office
ISSUED BY: Director of Development
APPROVED BY: Douglas D. Knowlton                                    01-64-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/18/88 (Last Reviewed 10/12/07)



Dakota State University will conduct all private fund raising through the Dakota State University Foundation. This fund raising includes, but is not limited to, all individuals, including alumni, parents, friends of Dakota State, businesses, corporations, and foundations. The purpose of this policy is to provide coordinated and effective fund raising; to enable all donors to take advantage of the tax deductible, tax-exempt status of the Dakota State University Foundation; and to see that all contributions are appropriately handled under the IRS Code.

This policy is intended to cover all fund raising from private (non-government) sources; other activities are covered by policy 01-72-00, Grants and Contracts Policy.


Members of the faculty/staff and student organizations of Dakota State shall submit all fund raising plans for approval and/or amendment to the Director or to the Executive Committee of the Dakota State University Foundation.

Last Updated: 1/24/12