Digital Signage

OFFICE OF RECORD: President's Office
ISSUED BY: President
APPROVED BY: David B. Borofsky, Pres                              POLICY NUMBER: 01-94-00





Digital signage is used throughout Dakota State University for the follow purposes:

  • To inform the DSU community of upcoming events;
  • To publicize news and other items of interest to DSU community members; and
  • To broadcast emergency messages.


Monitors are located in the main lobby or general access areas of campus buildings. In some instances, multiple monitors are located within a building.

Display content may be submitted to the appropriate building manager from any university department or recognized student organization. The requestor shall be responsible for submitting information in the approved format. All content must be submitted at least five business days prior to the desired posting date and accepted content will run for a maximum of 14 days.

To be accepted for posting, content:

  • Must meet one of the 3 criteria listed above.
  • Must not infringe on another’s intellectual property.
  • Copyrighted or trademarked materials (ex., logos, digital images, photographs, paintings, videos, and written works) may be posted, but only if all personal and legal permission has been expressly given for its usage.

All digital signage display content becomes the responsibility of the appropriate building manager. The signage manager reserves the right to decline or to request a modification or change of display content, if it does not meet the guidelines listed above.

Technical Specifications and Assistance: For questions on content, format, and digital signage infrastructure, contact

Last Updated: 5/16/13