Smoke-Free Environment Policy

OFFICE OF RECORD: President's Office
ISSUED BY: President
APPROVED BY: Douglas D. Knowlton                                   02-75-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 4/10/87 (Last revised 8/9/11)


Dakota State University is committed to ensuring the health, safety and comfort of its students, employees and visitors. As such, it is the policy of the university that smoking shall be prohibited on DSU property, except in the following designated areas:

  • At the intersection of the sidewalk on the west side of Higbie Hall and the perimeter sidewalk on N. 8th Street.
  • At the intersection of the perimeter sidewalk and the walkway between the two parking lots on the east side of Washington Avenue.
  • At the intersection of the perimeter sidewalk and sidewalk/parking lot on the north end of Lowry Hall.

Smoking is prohibited in all other areas, including buildings, grounds, parking areas, sidewalks surrounding buildings and state-owned or provided vehicles.

In addition, the sale or free distribution of tobacco products is prohibited on any university property or at any university-sponsored events. No ads featuring tobacco products will be allowed in the student newspaper or other university media, and campus organizations will not accept money from tobacco companies.


Tobacco Cessation Opportunities

Dakota State University encourages all employees and students who use tobacco to quit. Tobacco cessation information is available from the South Dakota QuitLine's toll-free number 1-866-SD QUITS (1-866-737-8487), or by visiting the Tobacco Control Program's website at:

Enforcement of Policy

Enforcement of this policy is the shared responsibility of all Dakota State University personnel. All employees are authorized and encouraged to communicate this policy with courtesy, respect, and diplomacy, especially with regard to visitors.

Willful breach of this policy by faculty and staff should be reported to the employee's immediate supervisor or the Director of Human Resources. Willful breach of this policy by students should be reported to the Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs. Visitors in violation of this policy will be informed of the policy and will be asked to refrain from using tobacco products. If the individual fails to comply with the request, the violation will be referred to the building supervisor or other appropriate supervisor who may direct the person to leave the campus.

Last Updated: 1/24/12