Auditing A Course

OFFICE OF RECORD: Enrollment Services
ISSUED BY: Registrar
APPROVED BY: 03-49-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 2/3/88 (Revised 8/2/99 )



Auditing university courses without credit is permitted. Students interested only I personal gain and not interested in university credit may want to consider the "audit" option. Course prerequisite requirements are the same for audit as for credit. Tuition and fees are the same for audit or regular credit options.


Students wishing to "audit" a course must do so by noting their intention on their registration form. Students registering by phone must indicate to the office person that they wish to audit the course.

Assessment of tuition and fees is the same as for regular university credit registrants.

See "Full-time/Part-time Enrollment Policy", #03-46-00 for information on audit courses and impact on student load.

Auditors will not receive university credit nor will they be permitted to take departmental or CLEP examinations for the course audited. Change from audit to credit or credit to audit must be made during the published late registration period.

The notation "AU" indicates the course was audited. This notation is made by the Registrar's staff directly to the class roster for the convenience of the faculty member. No other grades of "AU" may be issued.

Last Updated: 1/24/12