Tablet Repair Services / Replacement

OFFICE OF RECORD: Computing Services
ISSUED BY: CIO/Director of Computing Services
EFFECTIVE DATE: 2/6/06 (Last Revised 5/21/13)
APPROVED BY:  David B. Borofsky                                03-62-00



This policy will provide direction for the repair of University devices assigned to students, faculty, and staff, establish a fee for repair of damage caused by abuse or neglect, and assign responsibility for the replacement of a lost or stolen device.


DSU will provide repair services for University-assigned devices to students, faculty and staff. Users are responsible for arranging delivery of the device to and from the Technology Support Desk if they are unable to deliver the device personally.

Repairs necessitated by component failure will be provided at no charge, provided that these repairs meet manufacture warranty specifications and the warranty is still in effect on the components. Damages resulting from abuse or neglect will be repaired at a current manufacture pricing for the damaged components.

If the repair time is lengthy enough that the device must be left at the Technology Support Desk, the user will be provided with a loaner device until the repairs are completed. The loaner device must be returned in the same condition as when it was assigned. Any damages caused to the loaner device while assigned to a user will be assessed a fine. Once the user is notified via email that repairs to their device have been completed, the loaner should be returned to the Technology Support Desk within five business days.

  • Failure to pick up/return: Failure to pick up a repaired machine within the five business days will result in the user’s network account being disabled. A user’s network account will be re-enabled once they have picked up their repaired device.
  • Charger and/or Stylus: If a user’s charger or stylus fails due to hardware reasons, it shall be replaced without cost, as long as the device is still under warranty. If a user’s charger or stylus is lost or damaged due to abuse, the user will be responsible for replacing said peripheral with an OEM equivalent or be assessed a fine at manufacture cost.
  • Tablet PC: If a device is lost or stolen, the user bears full responsibility for the replacement of the device. The cost of replacement shall be defined by the fair-market value of the device at the time of the incident.

The Support Desk shall only be responsible for servicing software purchased under DSU’s licensing agreements. Software installed by a user, which is not licensed by DSU, shall be the responsibility of the user to service.

Insurance: It is strongly recommended that students provide insurance for accidental damage and lost or stolen devices.

Last Updated: 5/21/13