The Caring Committee

OFFICE OF RECORD: Human Resources
ISSUED BY: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: Dr. David Borofsky                      04-26-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 8/06/01 (last revised 8/9/12)



The mission of the Caring Committee is to provide a structure for Dakota State University faculty and staff to use in times of special need. The committee will assist the individual or their family with support such as meals, cards, or other gestures of friendship appropriate to the occasion. The Committee is intended to provide one point of contact where such needs can be organized and supported.  In all situations, the employee's right to privacy will be honored by the Committee.


Membership is open to all DSU employees with a minimum of three Career Service employees, three non-faculty exempt employees, and three faculty. Membership should be for a minimum of two years. The Chair will volunteer or be selected by the Committee.

Employees interested in becoming a member of the committee may contact the Human Resources department.  The Committee will communicate electronically and will meet as needed to provide support to DSU employees in need.

Last Updated: 8/30/12