Parking Committee

OFFICE OF RECORD: Physical Plant
ISSUED BY: Director of the Physical Plant
EFFECTIVE DATE: 6/25/87 (Revised 11/9/12)                                  04-39-00
APPROVED BY:  David B. Borofsky



The purpose of the Parking Committee is to recommend policy that governs parking for Dakota State University and to hear appeals of parking violations in accordance with DSU parking regulations and the Joint Powers Agreement between the Board of Regents and the City of Madison. (see Parking Regulations 01-80-00.)


Election of Members

The committee will consist of nine voting members. The Vice President for Business and Administrative Services, the Physical Plant Director, and Physical Plant Program Assistant will serve as ex-officio members. The Student Senate shall nominate three students, the General Faculty shall nominate three faculty and the CSA organization shall nominate three staff members. To ensure that users of all parking areas are represented on the committee, the President will have final approval of membership.  

The Student Senate representatives will serve one-year terms, and the faculty and staff members will serve two-year alternating terms.

Appointment of Chair

At the first committee meeting of each academic year a chair and vice chair will be elected by the committee members to serve a one-year term.

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet as needed for timely adjudication of appeals or other required business.  Adjudication of appeals requires a majority of the members elect.  Appeals may be reviewed and voted on in person or via email.

Distribution of Minutes

Minutes of the meetings will be distributed to the Committee members, CSA President, General Faculty President, Student Senate President, and the University President.  Minutes will not include details of adjudication of appeals.

Last Updated: 11/13/12