Plan of Study/Candidacy

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Graduate Studies and Research
ISSUED BY: Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
APPROVED BY: 05-30-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/2/99 (Revised 02/07/08)



A Plan of Study is an agreement between the student and the College offering the degree program formally specifying all course work required to complete the graduate degree. It will indicate the order in which the courses will be taken and the method by which credit will be sought (e.g., transfer, challenge). It will detail such things as thesis or non-thesis track, specialization to be pursued, and electives. See DSU Policy 05-34-00 Satisfactory Progression for requirements for satisfactory progress leading to successful completion of the master's and doctoral degree programs.


Students admitted to a graduate program must have a Plan of Study on file with both their academic advisors and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research prior to the end of their first semester as a degree-seeking student. Students who do not complete their Plan of Study by the drop/add period of their second semester in the program will not be permitted to register for that semester. The program coordinator, in consultation with the student's advisor, may extend this deadline under extraordinary conditions.

Students should meet with their advisors after being officially admitted to the degree program to discuss the program and initiate the planning process. Advisors will work with their advisees during that semester to ensure that every student prepares a plan of study. Plans of Study must comply with the catalog current at the time students enter their degree programs. They must show all graduate work the student plans to pursue, including courses to be transferred, the designated specialization (if required or planned) and anticipated graduation date. Students' advisors must approve the completed document. Originals are forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research and become part of the students' permanent files. Only under valid extenuating circumstances can completion of a Plan of Study be delayed. Advisors, in consultation with the appropriate program coordinator, can approve a delay of up to one-semester based on the extenuating circumstances presented by the student.

The graduate advisors bear final responsibility for monitoring the progress of graduate students through their graduate programs. The students bear final responsibility of keeping their Plan of Study updated and of notifying their advisors of any changes that they propose to make or may have already made to the existing Plan of Study. The Office of Graduate Studies and Research will supplement their effort by notifying student advisors and students when a time limit has exceeded or one or more milestones have (or have not) been passed successfully.
Changes in/Amendments to the Plan of Study

Approved Plans of Study can be amended at any time. Students making changes must keep their advisors and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research informed in writing of modifications. Advisors will review the changes to ensure that the students continue to make satisfactory progress toward completion.
Plan of Study GPA

A graduate student's GPA is calculated on courses specified on the individual's Plan of Study. (For a discussion of grades/grading, see DSU Policy 05-34-00 Satisfactory Progression, 05-38-00 Grades and Grading, and BOR Policy 2:10 Grades and Use of Grade Point Averages.)

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