Satisfactory Progression/Good Academic Standing

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Graduate Studies & Research
ISSUED BY: Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
APPROVED BY: 05-34-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/05/00 (Revised 12/27/07)



Students admitted to a graduate program must make satisfactory progress each academic year toward completion of the graduate degree being sought and must remain in good academic standing. All work in the program must be completed within a period of five (5) years for master degree programs and seven (7) years for doctoral programs.

Requirements for satisfactory progress leading to successful completion of the master's and doctoral degree programs include:

  • Continuous enrollment in graduate courses included in their Plan of Study. (See DSU Policy 05-30-00 Plan of Study/Candidacy). Continuous enrollment is defined as registering for at least one course per academic term, or if that is not possible, registering for a program sustaining credit. (See ).DSU Policy 05-32-00 Graduate Registration

Requirements for good academic standing include:

  • A 3.0 GPA in all courses included in the Plan of Study submitted for their degree.
  • No more than 6 credit hours with "C" grades.
  • No grades lower than a "C".


Graduate advisors, with assistance from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research are responsible for reviewing the academic standing of all their advisees each semester. The graduate program's coordinator will apprise the Office of Graduate Studies and Research of any recommendations for probation or suspension made by the advisors and the terms of the probation and/or the conditions and procedures for reinstatement. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research will notify the student in writing of the decision.

Probation and suspension

All graduate students are expected to maintain a Plan of Study grade point average of 3.0 ("B" average) throughout their graduate program. Failure to maintain the "B" average places the student on academic probation. Students on academic probation may register for an additional 9 credit hours of coursework and must raise their Plan of Study GPA to a 3.0 ("B" average) after completion of the 9 credits. If this is not accomplished, the student will be suspended from the program. A student who receives more than 6 credits of "C" or any grade lower than a "C" is automatically suspended from the program.

Should it be necessary to suspend a graduate student for academic reasons, the student may apply for readmission to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research after two semesters (summer is considered a semester term). The student must demonstrate an adequate reason for readmission.

A grievance procedure has been established for students wishing to contest probation or suspension. The Graduate Council will hear all grievances, following the procedure established in DSU Policy 03-30-00 Appealing Academic and Administrative Decisions.

Graduate students who have been officially suspended and who seek reinstatement shall submit a formal request for reinstatement, along with a supporting statement of explanation, to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Requests shall be acted upon according to the established procedure for application to the program.

Time limit

Courses completed by the student more than seven years ago may not be included in the Plan of Study. This time limit includes courses for which transfer credit is awarded and/or experimental courses that were offered prior to the start date of the degree program. DSU graduate degree program courses are counted from the start date of the first DSU program course. Transferred courses are counted from the completion date of the transferred course.

The specific program committee will permit exceptions to this policy on a case-by-case basis after review. Each program committee will establish specific criteria for granting exceptions and will grant exceptions based upon their review of the situation.

Last Updated: 1/24/12