Short-Term Military Activation Policy

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Vice President for Academic Affair
APPROVED BY: Douglas D. Knowlton
EFFECTIVE DATE: 7/21/11                     03-15-00



Dakota State University believes that all students who must report for short-term military activation (three weeks or less) during an academic term will be accorded every opportunity to remain active and successful in their academic schedule. This policy exists to address class absence issues that arise when students must report for short-term military activation during the academic term (fall, spring, summer).  If a student determines he/she is unable to continue with classes during the short-term activation, they may choose to withdraw under BOR policy 2:30 Students Called to Active Military Service and BOR policy 5:7 (6) Refunds-Military Service Withdrawal Without Penalty.


  1. Class Attendance: Students are expected to attend all meetings of classes for which they are registered. In the event that a student must report for short-term military activation (three weeks or less) that would require absence from his/her registered class(es), the student must notify his/her instructor(s) prior to the start date of activation. Students must document the activation with official notification papers and share that information with instructors and the Registrar.
  2. Monitoring and Tracking: Students are required to provide instructors and the Registrar with the official military activation notification papers prior to the absence whenever possible.  Students must use the the Short-term Military Activation Form to notify faculty of the scheduled activation, and the faculty members' signature on the form indicates notification.  This form functions as documentation that students have consulted with their instructors and made arrangements for missed work.  The completed form will be filed with the Registrar as soon as possible and, preferably, before the student leaves campus.
  3. Completion of Class Assignments: The faculty member and the student shall make alternate arrangements relative to coursework that is due during the scheduled absence.  The student is responsible for all material covered in missed classes, for coursework and out-of-class assignments that are due during the activation.  The faculty member's signature on the form indicates that the faculty and student have reached an agreement on how the student will complete course assignments during activation.
  4. In case of an Extension of the Absence:  During activation, students are expected to contact the Registrar if the activation extends beyond the original period of time on the notification papers.  The Registrar will, in turn, contact the instructors. If possible, the student should also notify instructors via email / telephone and make additional arrangements for missed assignments during the extended period of activation.

Last Updated: 1/24/12