Academic Integrity Board

OFFICE OF RECORD: The General Faculty
ISSUED BY: Vice President for Academic Affairs
APPROVED BY: 04-22-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 8-6-01 (revised 8-31-07)



Dakota State University is committed to providing students with a quality education. To this end, the faculty of DSU will not tolerate academic dishonesty in any form. The processes and rights and responsibilities of the students and faculty are outlined in detail in policy 03-22-00, Academic Integrity.

Composition of the Board

The Academic Integrity Board will be selected through an election by the General Faculty. The Board will be composed of three members and two alternates. For every hearing, the Dean of the College offering the course and the Vice President/Dean of Student Affairs will serve as non-voting, ex officio members of the Board. The members will serve three-year overlapping terms. The Board will meet as needed to discharge cases referred to them.

Yearly Report

The Academic Integrity Board will report annually, in writing, to the General Faculty. The summary report will consist of: the Board chair and the membership; meeting frequency (if less than monthly, with the dates of meetings); summary of significant actions taken or decisions made; significant recommendations forwarded to another Board or entity; pending actions; and, Board recommendations for change in Board composition or charge. Individual students and the sanctions imposed on individual students should not be included in the report.

Last Updated: 1/24/12