Graduate Council

OFFICE OF RECORD: Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: General Faculty
APPROVED BY: 05-40-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 12/20/94 (Revised 09/11/07)



The Graduate Council serves as the faculty body that oversees graduate education, plans for the future of graduate education in the broadest terms and guides the evolution of graduate programs at DSU. The Graduate Council is responsible for all academic policies related to post-baccalaureate study and degree programs.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Exercise general oversight relative to the standards and academic integrity of all graduate degree programs;
  • Receive and review annual reports on graduate program activities;
  • Establish broad policies concerning graduate education;
  • Recommend approval of proposed graduate programs and all graduate curriculum changes;
  • Review criteria and processes for membership on graduate faculty;
  • Consider other matters submitted to them by the Dean for Graduate Studies and Research;
  • Serve as an advisory board to the Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and the Vice President for Academic Affairs for matters concerning graduate education.



The Graduate Council shall consist of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, the dean of each college, a graduate faculty representative of each college and the program coordinator from each graduate program committee as voting members. Non-voting members will include the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Registrar and the Director of the Library. Graduate faculty representatives will serve three-year terms with one faculty member beginning a new term each year. Graduate faculty representatives are elected by their respective college.

The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research will serve as chair.

Frequency of Meetings

The Council will meet as necessary to consider matters related to graduate-level education.

Last Updated: 1/24/12