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The Dakota State University STRONG Services are geared towards supporting students on the Autism Spectrum. These free services promote independence, confidence, and self-advocacy, along with helping to create a positive social support network. Services are committed to helping students build campus connections that will assist in achieving academic, social, and professional developmental success.

 STRONG Services help students:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the campus environment.

  2. Confidently navigate around campus.

  3. Effectively utilize resources on campus to support academic success.

  4. Experience growth of communication skills and encourage social interactions.

  5. Learn to independently navigate numerous campus resources.

For more information, or to ask questions specific to your situation or concerns, or to set up a phone conversation, please email Strong@dsu.edu, or fill out the form below.

Registration is required to participate.

Participation in STRONG Services is free and voluntary for students. A registration form will be sent per request by students, to the Trojan's email, once they are registered students of DSU.

*Note: STRONG Services is a supportive system for students. These services are not a wraparound, behavior management, or intensive social skills training program.