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Academic Progress Evaluation

Academic Process

The Regental system recognizes the importance of monitoring the academic progress of students and will work with DSU to ensure that students who are experiencing difficulties are offered advice, assistance, and support services that are available at DSU. At the end of the Fall and Summer Terms, DSU will identify students who could benefit from additional support as well as students who have made strong academic progress. Students identified in these categories will be placed on one of three lists to assist with communication and support. The lists include:   

  1. Academic Watch
    • Students in good academic standing who achieve a cumulative GPA less than Minimum Progression Standards at the end of the Fall or Summer.
    • Students on academic probation who achieve a term GPA that meets Minimum Progression Standards but have a cumulative GPA less than Minimum Progress Standards at the end of Fall or Summer Term.
  2. Academic WarningStudents on academic probation who achieve a term or cumulative GPA less than Minimum Progression Standards at the end of the Fall or Summer Term.
  3. Academic ImprovementStudents on academic probation who achieve a Term or Cumulative GPA greater than or equal to Minimum Progression Standards at the end of the Fall or Summer Term.
Completed Credits Minimum Progression Standard
45 or more Greater than or equal to 2.0
Less than 44.99 Greater than or equal to 1.8

Students placed on the Academic Watch or Academic Warning lists will receive communication from the First Year Advising Office about support options.

Students who are in good academic standing, and meet or exceed Minimum Progression Standards, will not be placed on any of the three lists.

Any student who feels the need for support is encouraged to contact the FYAO at DSU-AdvisingCenter@dsu.edu  or (605) 256-7483 with questions.

If you are a financial aid recipient, please confirm your eligibility with the Financial Aid Office at (605) 256-5152 or fa@dsu.edu.