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CLASSICS Institute

Collaborations for Liberty and Security Strategies for Integrity in a Cyber-Enabled Society (Classics) 

The Classics Institute was established in 2017, at Dakota State University, with the objective of investigating the ethical, social, and existential condition of humankind, forty years into the computer revolution. Described by President José-Marie Griffiths as “Dakota State’s think-tank,” the Institute forms the humanities component of the Madison Cyber Labs project; designed to build upon DSU’s current and expanding capabilities as a cyber leader.  


Directed by Dr. Joseph Bottum, the Classics Institute is set to become both a major academic resource for South Dakota and a national center for technology. It is financed by grants from government, corporate, and non-profit organizations, as well as gifts from private funders. The Institute insists that we deem the computer revolution as an advance in civilization, while being cognizant of its effects.

In support of these foundational beliefs, the Institute hosts lectures, directs big-data text and historical research, investigates sociological trends, and ponders economic movements. Dakota State’s Classics Institute exists to express and investigate the computer revolution in its entirety.


Joseph Bottum

Associate Professor


College of Arts and Sciences


Office Location: Beadle Hall
Phone: (605) 256-5270