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Current Student Information

Thank you for living with us! We strive to help you have a positive living experience from your first move-in day to your graduation day. Below is information that you may find beneficial as you make DSU your home.

Residence Village

Residence Village is our newest housing addition on campus.

Each spring semester Residence Life will begin the room sign-up process for returning students. Room sign-up will be conducted in two different processes, Group Housing and Traditional Housing.

Group Housing sign-up is where a group of individuals live together in a nontraditional residence hall. Buildings that are a part of group housing sign-up include Residence Village, 8-Plex Apartments, Courtyard Suites, The 2-1-2 House, and Van Eps Honor Housing. In mid-February, Residence Life will send out information via email to all residence hall students with information about the process. The timeline for group housing sign-up is below for the 2024-2025 academic year.

  • February 27, 2024 Group Housing Info Session 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the Club Hub, TC
  • February 28, 2024 Group Housing Info Session 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the Club Hub, TC
  • March 4-6, 2024 Group Housing Application submission 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. in the Residence Life Office, Courtyard building
  • Week of March 11, 2024: Group Housing selections made, and groups notified via email

Traditional Housing Sign Up

Traditional housing sign-up is available through our housing website April 9-26.

Prior to Thanksgiving, winter & spring breaks, Residence Life will send an email to residential students with a survey to sign up for break housing. Links to the sign-up will also be posted below on the date indicated below. Students who wish to remain in the halls during breaks will need to respond to the survey. For winter & spring break, you will be required to pay a nightly rate. Information on rates for break housing & meals will be available in the survey links. Limited food service will be provided during all breaks for those that sign up. For more information about break housing, please contact our main office at residencelife@dsu.edu or (605) 256-5146.

  • 2023-2024 Winter Break: December 14, 2023, to January 6, 2024

  • 2023-2024 Spring Break: March 8, 2024, to March 17, 2024

Mid-April Residence Life will send out an email regarding Summer Housing to residence hall students. The email will outline the summer housing days and rates. For more information about summer housing, please contact our main office at residencelife@dsu.edu or (605) 256-5146.

While DSU and the South Dakota Board of Regents require all unmarried students taking six credit hours or more to live on campus during the first two years of school, some students may have circumstances that call for an exemption to that requirement. Or some students may require accommodations to their residence hall experience based on medical needs. Students can apply for such exemptions and accommodations.

Financial and medical exemption policies

There are two types of housing exemptions – medical and financial. Please see below for information on each option. All requests require signed and verified documentation that can take time to gather. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete and submit your application and documents prior to the appropriate deadline.

  • Fall semester deadline: July 14
  • Spring semester deadline: December 3

Financial Exemption Requests

Students requesting a release from the housing requirement based on verifiable extenuating financial circumstances must complete a Financial Need Verification Form and return it to the Residence Life.

Releases are not based on the assertion that living off-campus may be cheaper. A release will be considered when 1) the applicant has a significant verified need for financial aid as defined by the DSU Financial Aid office, 2) that need is not fully funded by university financial aid, or 3) when financial circumstances over which the applicant has no control creates a financial hardship (such as a loss of parental support due to death, divorce, loss of employment, catastrophic health issues, bankruptcy).


Medical Exemption & Accommodations Requests

Students who need to submit a medical exemption or accommodation request are usually looking to:

  • Live off-campus
  • Be placed in single occupancy on-campus housing
  • Have an approved assistance animal in on-campus housing
  • Placement in a specific location

Medical-need requests work with Disability Services throughout the application process. Please contact Disability Services to request an exemption.

Disability Services

All mail and packages should be sent to the following address:

[Name of Student]
Dakota State University – Student
820 N Washington Avenue
Madison, SD 57042

Mail and package pick-up

All students that live in campus housing will receive an email notification when they receive mail and packages. Items can be picked up in the Residence Life office located in the Courtyard building Monday-Friday 11:00am-4:30pm and Monday-Sunday 6:30pm-8:30pm. Summer mail hours may vary.

During your stay, you may find the following links helpful as it is commonly used services from campus partners.

If you need assistance in the halls, please contact either your Resident Assistant (RA) or Residence Hall Director (RHD). RAs are student staff positions that live in residence halls. RHDs are full-time staff members who are responsible for ensuring you have a positive living experience. To contact your RHD you can stop by their office during business hours or call (605) 256-5146.


As a returning student you have more of a hand in your housing for the coming year.  We offer 2nd year students the opportunity to live in traditional residence hall room, an apartment at the 8-plex, or a suite or traditional room in the Courtyard.  Take time to check out your options by visiting the Residence Halls page, by asking a friend to see their room, or by checking in with your RA or Residence Life staff to ask questions.

DSU Residence Halls

Housing rates

Housing rates for the upcoming academic year will be finalized by March 31. You may see the rates for the current year by visiting the Tuition & Fees page.

View Housing Rates

Meal plan rates for the upcoming academic year will be finalized by March 31. You may see the rates for the current year by visiting the Tuition & Fees page.

View Meal Plan Rates

Contact Us

If you ever have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our office is located in the Student Services Office in the Trojan Center.

Student Services Office
(605) 256-5146