Associate of Science in Application Programming

10 ProgramName=Applicaiton_Programming_Major
20 PRINT "Welcome! Enter your name!" Input=$Username
30 PRINT "Hello $Username. Do you like computer games, programs, or web applications?"
40 If Input="Yes" GOTO 60 ElSE GOTO 50
50 PRINT "Too bad 4U." GOTO 120
60 PRINT "Excellent! Are you smart?"
70 If Input="Yes" GOTO 100 ELSE GOTO 80
80 PRINT "$Username, consider a different program."
90 GOTO 120
100 PRINT "Welcome aboard $Username. You're now among 1337 peers with mad skilz. GOTO DSU.
110 PRINT "Hello World!"
120 END

Graduates of the Application Programming program are prepared to step directly into positions as business application programmers with both large and small companies. Students are taught principles of problem definition, logical design, and structured programming; they learn techniques of writing and maintaining programs. Students are taught commonly-used programming languages (C, COBOL, etc.), how to work in an on-line environment with data bases, and how to read and interpret processor dumps. In addition, each student will have a sound background in business and accounting. Graduates of this program will be able to pursue the four-year degree in information systems or management information systems.

Read more about the course requirements for Application Programming, A.S. at DSU.

Last Updated: 2/27/12