Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Design

computer game design

The shadows move in cadence with the torchlight, spilling across the cobblestone. An arrow whizzes by, and the splintering thunk resonates from a rear subwoofer. You know, after twelve hours of play, a great computer game should be just hitting its stride. Stunning graphics lend the necessary reality, solid physics programming offer lifelike interaction with the world (and awesome car crashes), and a phenomenal storyline always lies at the heart.

You've downloaded the level editors and fan mods. You've thought long and hard about how to make a game still better. You know the limitations of current hardware, and you're looking forward to the next generation video cards and CPUs to drive that vision. We get you, and we're with you. Come build a better game at DSU. Build the skeleton, skin the monster of your choice, apply some physics. And let's go hunting.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Semester (16cr)
Semesters Per Degree 8 (128cr)*
Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Design
Degree Requirements 128 cr
Design Core 60
ARTD 282     2-D Design I 3
ARTD 285     2-D Design II 3
ARTD 382     3-D Design I 3
ARTD 385     3-D Design II 3
ARTD 431     Graphic Effects I 3
CIS 275          Web Application Programming I 3
CIS 332          Structured Systems Analysis and Design 3
CIS 375          Web Application Programming II 3
CSC 250         Computer Science II 3
CSC 260         Object Oriented Design 3
CSC 300         Data Structures 3
DAD 375        Storyboarding 3
GAME 111     Introduction to Game Design 3
GAME 222     Computer Game Analysis and Development 3
GAME 333     Project and Process I 3
GAME 334     Project and Process II 3
GAME 444     Project Development I 3
GAME 445     Project Development II 3
MATH 282     Mathematics of Games 3
MCOM 353    Web Interactivity 3
Electives 27
General Education Requirement 30
Institutional Requirement 11
NOTE: Majors must take ART 121, MATH 123, PHYS 111/113 or PHYS 211/213  as part of the system-wide general education requirements.
Majors must take CSC 150 as part of the institutional graduation requirement.
* The serving size is based on a four year degree plan, so your course load may vary depending on your specific educational goals. The values here are current as of the 2007-08 DSU course catalog.

Last Updated: 2/27/12