Digital Arts and Design — Computer Graphics

digital arts and design

A BS in Digital Arts and Design prepares graduates for careers as graphic designers, multi-media artists and animators, performers, set/exhibit designers, web designers, and videographers.

Students acquire technical skills, training and experiences preparing them to move into the rapidly expanding sectors of New Media Arts and Design, including animation/motion graphics, digital storytelling, web design, audio production and computer graphics.

The program also emphasizes the "soft skills" so desired by New Media Arts and Design, including creativity, team building, critical thinking and problem solving, and an understanding of symbolic communication.

Possible Job Titles:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Designer
  • Animation Artist
  • Broadcast Design Artist
  • 3D Design Artist
  • Art Director
  • Media Integration Specialist
  • Creative/Design Director
  • Content Developer
  • Interactive Media Designer/Developer

Job Outlook:


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Last Updated: 9/18/12