Digital Arts and Design — Digital Storytelling

When the first caveman (incidentally, his name was Gronk, Son of Big Gronk) re-enacted the day's glorious mammoth hunt, it wasn't long before somebody else thought, "Me add drama!" and accompanied Gronk by whacking a stick on a hollow log, like a drum. Somebody else decided to dress Gronk in part of a mammoth hide, and costuming was born, and by then, the story was packing the cave, selling out each night. So scalping tickets was invented, and therefore the first business major. Other cavemen didn't like his prices, so then came judges, then lawyers, and thereafter the decline of all civilization. The end.

See, storytelling takes a lot of forms. Some people have a knack for adding drama with just voice and arm waving, but the reason a movie about the ill-fated voyage of the HMS Titanic sold out was because storytelling is best when it's wed to a sense of drama—sound, acting, costuming...lights, camera, action!

Digital Storytelling combines the best of the liberal arts—writing, literature, performance, communication, social and cultural awareness, with the best of what DSU has to offer-cutting edge computer technology.

The skills we'll teach you are needed by movie makers, computer game designers, museums, advertising agencies: anyone who knows that flashy computer technology is great and all, but it's even better with a darn good story. Just don't tell the lawyers about our reference to a certain boat-sinking movie; you might well end civilization as we know it.

Possible Job Titles:

  • Digital Video Production
  • Digital Editing
  • Videography
  • Advertising/Marketing/PR Specialist
  • Graduate School in Film Studies, Film Making or Digital Storytelling
  • Entertainment Industry

Job Outlook:


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Last Updated: 9/18/12