Degrees and Programs

Choose from an array of degrees—from network and security administration to business, biology, animation and education—we have a wide range of programs in a variety of fields. We will help you create a plan of study that fits your goals.

At DSU, you’ll find small classes, research opportunities, and engaging professors. You’ll also find that we integrate the latest technology into all of our classes. Whatever you choose to study, you’ll be prepared to enter the modern workplace, and better prepared for life.

You can set the pace of your studies and even take classes online or at University Center - Sioux Falls. Either way, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.


Accounting (BBA)

Accounting image

Go beyond traditional accounting. At DSU, you’ll learn accounting with a technological focus.

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Biology (BS)


Biology combines traditional biology with a background in computer science and information systems. It will prepare you for modern science-based industries or healthcare.

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Biology Education (BSE)

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You can’t teach science unless you’ve done science. Our biology education major will teach you the fundamentals of biology and how to bring this knowledge to the classroom.

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Business Education (BSE)

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Learn the essentials of business and prepare to bring them to high-school classrooms with our business education major.

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Business Technology (BBA)

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To really succeed in business today, you’ll need business fundamentals and a command of technology. You’ll find all that, and more, in our business technology major.

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Computer Education (BSE)

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Like computers and want to teach? A computer education major will prepare you to lead the classroom.

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Computer Game Design (BS)

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Learn the fundamental skills for video game design, development, and production with our computer game design major.

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Computer Information Systems (BS)

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IT management, design and implementation are crucial for organizations. An information systems degree combines computing and business courses to give you the skills necessary to evaluate, develop, implement and support information systems to help businesses succeed.

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Computer Science (BS)

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Learn how to program—and so much more. As a computer science major you’ll learn the basics of computer architecture and programming languages.

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Cyber Leadership and Intelligence (BS)

Dr. Stacey Berry

This degree will prepare you to become a leader in defending computer networks, investigating cyber-attacks, or developing successful strategies to conduct digital forensic investigations.

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Cyber Operations (BS)

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Understand the mentality and techniques of hackers with reverse engineering, malware analysis, and software exploitation.

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Digital Arts and Design: Computer Graphics (BS)

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Create stunning graphics using the latest software technologies and equipment with a major in computer graphics.

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Digital Arts and Design: Digital Sound Design (BS)

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Learn post production, mastering, and mixing in audio production. With your degree, you can start a career in music recording, production, live sound, or broadcast.

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Digital Arts and Design: Film and Cinematic Arts (BS)

Digital Arts and Design Fild and Cinematic Arts image

From the camera to lighting and sound, film and cinematic arts will teach you essential techniques for video and film production.

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Digital Arts and Design: Production Animation (BS)

Digital Arts and Design Production Animation image

Create realistic digital environments and characters with a production animation degree. You’ll get a solid foundation in 3D digital design and animation.

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Elementary Education (BSE)

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Nothing can prepare you for the sense of pride and the feeling of home you might know in your future classroom. Our elementary education major will get you there.

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Elementary Education/Special Education (BSE)

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Teachers of students with special needs do not merely apply detailed plans, tailored to every student in their room. They are a champion for their students. Become one yourself in our elementary and special education program.

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English Education (BSE)

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The English education major will prepare you to bring your passion for words to the classroom as a composition, literature, and speech teacher.

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English for New Media (BS)

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Get a classic English education with a technological focus. With an English for new media major you’ll learn the essentials of literature and linguistics, but also how to write for print and the web.

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Exercise Science (BS)

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With an exercise science degree, you can help people perform better or heal.

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Finance (BBA)

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Enter the world of finance with a degree at DSU. You’ll learn the fundamentals of finance and how to make informed financial plans and predictions.

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General Studies (BGS)

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Build your own degree with a general studies major. You’ll get a well-rounded liberal arts education, tailored to fit your needs.

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Health Information Administration (BS)

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A health information administrator is an expert in managing medical records. You’ll learn how to design and manage health information systems to meet medical, legal, and ethical standards.

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Management (BBA)

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Study management for a solid business foundation that can help you manage all kinds of businesses or start your own.

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Marketing (BBA)

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As a marketing major, you’ll combine the creative aspects of marketing with solid business practices.

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Mathematics Education (BSE)

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Learn math to teach math. You’ll receive a full-fledged mathematics and educational training. Plus, you’ll get a minor in computer science for additional certifications.

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Mathematics for Information Systems (BS)

Mathematics for Information Systems

Like math? You’ll learn a lot of math in our mathematics for information systems major. You’ll also learn about information systems through computer and business courses.

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Network and Security Administration (BS)

Network and Security Administration image

Keep the network up and running—and secure. Learn how with a degree in network and security administration.

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Physical Education (BSE)

Physical Education

Our physical education program prepares you to teach physical education at any level, kindergarten through high school.

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Physical Science (BS)

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Modern scientists need to be well-rounded. That’s why you’ll learn chemistry and physics (and other sciences) in our physical science major.

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Professional Accountancy (BS)

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Go beyond traditional accounting and become a certified public accountant. Our professional accountancy major prepares you to take the CPA exam.

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Respiratory Care (BS)

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DSU’s respiratory care program will equip you to help people of every age and walk of life breathe better. You’ll learn the scientific principles of cardiopulmonary physiology and see them in practice.

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Business Management (AS)

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Learn the fundamentals of business and accounting that will help you begin your business career. Our associate degree in business management will get you on the right track.

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General Studies (AA)

General Studies image

If you’re still undecided about your career plans, explore your options in our general studies associate degree.

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Health Information Technology (AS)

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As a health information technician, you’ll ensure that medical records are accurate and help prevent medical complications.

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Network and Security Administration (AS)

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Study basic security, systems, and networking fundamentals with our associate degree in network and systems administration.

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Respiratory Care (AS)

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DSU’s respiratory care program will equip you to help people of every age and walk of life breathe better. Our two-year associate degree will get you started on that path.

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Software Development (AS)

student with computer

The need for software developers continues to grow. You’ll learn how to write code, manage the development process, manipulate data efficiently, take user needs into account, and deliver a successful and secure product.

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Web Development (AS)

student outside with computer and books

The need for web developers continues to grow. You’ll learn how to develop secure, dynamic web applications using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and server-side languages that interact with databases.

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Cybersecurity Certificate

Dive into one of the hottest career fields with this 12-credit cybersecurity certificate.

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Data Analytics Certificate

Business and computer science go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve crafted our intricate Data Analytics Certificate to fit the business world.

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Digital Photography Certificate

Capturing the perfect shot requires more than luck. You’ll need an understanding of the camera, composition, and digital-editing tools. Learn all this and more with our 12-credit Digital Photography certificate.

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English for New Media Certificate

Political campaigns, social movements, and traditional media can rise or fall based on their ability to harness new media trends. Learn how to create content for this new media environment with our 12-credit certificate program.

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Health Care Coding Certificate

Apply medical alphanumeric codes to healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment.

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Health Information Clerk Certificate

Join the growing, fast-paced healthcare industry with skills learned in the 15-credit health information clerk certificate program. Coursework can be complete in as little as two semesters.

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High-Performance and Research Computing Certificate

The upper-level certificate program is designed for individuals who want to expand their computer science skills, work in the higher performance computing environments, and deal with the demands of scientific/research computing.

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Information Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate

This certificate program will provide individuals with the entrepreneurship skills needed to start and operate a successful business.

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Information Technology Management Certificate

Learn the basics of information technology management with this 12-credit certificate.

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Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography

Highlight your knowledge of mathematical theory and enhance your employability with a certificate in the mathematical foundations of cryptography.

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Multimedia Certificate

Bring stories to life with compelling multimedia productions. Our 12-credit Multimedia certificate will show you how.

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Multimedia Design and Production Certificate

Learn the tools of the digital design trade in this 12-credit certificate program covering the fundamentals of 2D and 3D design.

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Network and Telecommunications Administration Certificate

Learn the basics of networking and computer hardware administration with this 12-credit certificate.

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Network Services Certificate

Work with the Internet of Things using this Network Services Certificate.

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Object Oriented Programming Certificate

Learn the basics of computer science and object-oriented design and programming with this 12-credit certificate.

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Online Secondary Education Certificate

This program provides an option for individuals who want to become teachers and who have a baccalaureate degree in a content area in which the South Dakota Board of Education certifies teachers.

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Professional and Technical Communication Certificate

Create professional and highly-detailed literature for a wide range of disciplines with our 12-credit Professional and Technical Communication certificate.

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Software Development Certificate

Be one of the creative minds behind the computer programs needed for the ever-increasing number of digital platforms.

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Technology Database Management Systems Certificate

Learn the basics of technology database management with this 12-credit certificate.

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Web Application Development Certificate

Learn the basics of web application development with this 12-credit certificate.

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Website Design and Development Certificate

Learn the basics of web publishing and digital design with our 12-credit Website Design and Development certificate.

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Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional degrees are designed for those undergraduate students who plan to continue their education in various graduate or professional schools or programs. View our list of pre-professional degrees.


Our minors help you explore your interests and further develop your career goals. With more than 50 minors, we offer a range of studies so you can enhance your studies with a specialization.